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Contract adress
Total Supply 320,000,000.00 FTOKEN
Decimals 18
Users in the project: 11615
Current ICO Results
0 USD 17 500 000 USD or 30 December 2017


We are already doing business!

The company "Flash Token" is engaged in the mining and sale of equipment for mining since 2013. We successfully invest in promising crypto-currencies and ICO companies, we have our own crypto-investment fund and develop applications for digital crypto-currencies.

We are a team with great experience, we know all the weak points of this industry and possess this knowledge, we want to develop and promote it. We decided to hold the ICO, with the help of fees to increase the volume of our existing profitable directions. We use tokens based on Etherium, so that our investors can participate in dividing the net profit of the company.


on investment

Mining farms with equity participation - 40% of investments - constantly - purchase of equipment for mining (already exists)

on investment
q1 2018

10% of investments - will be available in the personal account q1 2018 BIF (Bitcoin Invest Fund) (already exists)

Starting q1 2018

Creation of a multicurrency - multifunctional Wallet for crypto and electronic currencies (there is already a prototype)

1$ – 20 000$ q1 2018

Creation of an online store and sales offices for equipment from franchise availability in different regions of Europe and the CIS.

120 000$ q1 2018

Creating a Service for Cloud Mining

600 000$ q1 2018

Creation of a pool and a miner with a choice of currency and a proficiency analysis of mining

1 000 000$ q1 2018

Running the master node & PoS mining

2 000 000$ q1 2018

Installation of terminals and crypto-terminals

3 200 000$ q2 2018

Creating an exchange

4 800 000$ q2 2018

Creation of block and crypto currency

8 300 000$ q2 2018

Plant for the production of equipment for mining and its components

11 200 000$ q2 2018

Creation of environmentally friendly alternative energy sources for mining and a plant for production of equipment for mining

17 500 000$ q3 2018

The creation of private online banking, the creation of a social network, the creation of a site for crowdfinding and freelance

What does FTOKEN give me?


FTOKEN has an issue of 320,000,000 and low cost

Dividends in the form of Ethereum draws from the company's activities in the amount of 50% of the company's net profit once a month transferred to the Wallet Ethereum (ETH), containing a smart contract. Then ETH is redistributed in proportion to all holders of FTOKEN tokens in accordance with the terms of the smart contract.

Growth rate

The prospect of increasing the price of the token with the growth of the community

The prospect of increasing the price of the token with the growth of the community, using marketing and new original developments of the company.

We redeem tokens

The company buys FTOKEN on stock exchanges at current order prices

The company buys FTOKEN on the exchanges at current order prices by 10% of the company's net profit each month, which will reduce the number of tokens over time, and will also increase the demand for FToken.


Discounts on equipment, cloud mining contracts

Discounts on equipment, cloud-mining contracts, exchange of crypto-currency for holders of a token.

Trading on the exchange

You can trade FTOKEN on the following exchanges

You can also trade FTOKEN on the following exchanges: and Use the "send" function in the personal account of FlashToken to transfer tokens to the depository address of the exchange.


Access to the platform for teaching basic knowledge about crypto currency and transactions with it

Access to the platform for teaching basic knowledge about crypto currency and operations with it.

Save tokens
and get dividends

Token guarantees a share in the company's
profits from all directions.

Selling tokens

After the completion of the ICO,
you will be able to sell the tokens
in the market and receive instant profit.

Sell equipment
and earn money

You get a discount on the equipment
and can earn on sales.

Learn and earn

You get access to the training platform
and learn how to earn and invest
your crypto currency.

Our technologies


Make all our businesses transparent with the help of a blockbuster.
Increase profit in all directions, using our experience and our fully interested team of each holder of the token.
Ecological compatibility
To create environmentally friendly and cheap sources of electricity through the development of mining and, as a whole, block technology.
Educate people and introduce the technology of blockage into every home and life. We believe that for the blockbuster is the future, it solves such important tasks as transparency, the lack of counterfeits, fair distribution, security of transactions and trust in various spheres of our life.
Together to build a large business, using modern Internet capabilities and blockchain. If many large companies (such as, for example, Apple) had a blockade and Internet at the start, today the world and the lives of many people would be better. We change the world and life for the better.

ICO details

At the end of each month, 50% of the net profit will be transferred to the "Ethereum" wallet, from which it will be distributed to the purses of the FTOKEN token holders in accordance with the terms of the smart contract.
320,000,000 (three hundred twenty million) tokens.

ICO Structure

100% of dividend-tokens guarantee receipt
50% of net profit of the project«FLASH TOKEN»

Distribution 320 000 000 FTOKEN


Available to Investors
on ICO


Holds the development team
All team






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escrow, audit

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Bonus in the first

Arthur Bryansky
Director of Development
Roman Vitman
Advisor on cryptorics
Oleg Balaev
Director for Business Development in Europe
Egor Grigorets
Business Development Equipment Sales
Alexander Akinin
Business Development Investment

Application «FLASH TOKEN»

Business should be mobile!

We are developing an application in which you can manage your assets, crypto currency, order services and equipment, train, and can quickly turn to support.

Life of the company